Creativity.  Collaboration.  Camaraderie.  Hard work.  Inspiration.  Critique.  Fun.  Experimentation.  Big Ideas.

We are a group of individuals who have made a choice to cooperatively live our professional lives and to provide mutual support in shaping those professional lives into the careers we dream of.

Great work. Great People.

Meet our team

Bremerton, Washington

Located within one of the most beautiful natural settings, adjacent to metro-Seattle, Bremerton is a constructed history lesson. It is a story of industrialization, growth and vibrancy, the tolls of war, and the residue left by urban sprawl. It is also the story of hope associated with rebirth and growth, the resilience of community, and the cultural richness resulting from raw honesty.

Community Giving

Our Building

The right solution is rarely the most obvious path. In our own office & studio, we stepped into the shoes of the owner and developer and felt first-hand the weight of the many decisions that go into developing a project. It was a leap of faith, but someone has to be the first to jump. We took an old, dilapidated Sears Auto Annex left vacant for 24 years and completely renovated it into our vibrant, energy-efficient workspace. Conceived as a laboratory for innovative design and experimentation, we work here, we host community events here, and we promote our project’s guiding principle of creating the most sustainable workplace we could.

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Passions reign and dreams given wings.
Our purpose is twofold: to offer high-caliber services delivered in a close, personal manner, and be a home where professionals can establish and grow their careers.

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